Meet George Alexander Louis – The Royal Baby

Meet George Alexander Louis, the name of Prince William and Kate’s son was announced Wednesday by Kensington Palace, two days after he was born.

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Princess Kate Pregnancy

Everyone around the globe is anticipating the pregnancy of Princess Kate as early as the day she married Prince William. Everyone wanted to see the child that will be born from the famous couple and just couldn’t wait for the most anticipated day to happen; just like in the case of Princess Diana.
There had been speculations about Kate’s pregnancy but nothing concrete came up until recently. Many spectators were surprised when Kate declines to sample the peanut butter paste in the UNICEF aid package when she visited East Africa. Speculations about her being pregnant circulated like wild fire (it is not really the first time that such rumor circulated but it was the first time it was not crushed by the Palace machine). Women in U.K. were advised not consume peanuts, peanut butter included, during pregnancy. Women are not even allowed to eat peanuts while breastfeeding.
The ban on peanut consumption by pregnant women is for the reason that a child inside the womb might develop certain allergies on peanuts and U.K. health authorities would like to prevent such occurrence as much as possible. In 2008, however, Britain’s Food Safety Agency disregarded the whole idea for lack of evidence but most families in Britain continued with the practice of avoiding peanuts when pregnant. Whether the thing about consuming peanuts is true or not, most pregnant women in Britain just simply choose not to consume any to be safe.
If the Palace tried to deny the rumored pregnancy of Kate before, this time they did not only let the rumor lives but confirmed its very existence to be true. There were even reports that Kate and William are expecting twins and the news about the pregnancy of Kate has brought delight to the Queen. The Queen is already anticipating the birth of her great grandchild (or children). Like most first time parents, Kate and William may be excited for the coming of their bundle of joy and they still enjoy each other’s company. The couple can be seen sweeter than ever and William was always caught being extra careful guiding Kate whenever he needs to.
The news about the pregnancy is indeed one happy occasion for everyone not only for people within the palace walls but the whole world as well. As the entire globe earnestly awaited for the wedding of the year, the whole world has yet again set their eyes on the birth of the child (or children) of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge just like when the entire world earnestly awaited the birth of Prince William when the famous Lady Di announced she was pregnant.
Kate was indeed lucky compared to the former Princess of Wales because she has not only got the love and devotion of the entire world but she also has the complete love and devotion of her husband. The Duchess will continue to get the love and admiration of the people and everyone is eying the palace especially now that she is pregnant. The love and support of those people will forever see them through.

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It’s a Boy! – Kate Middleton and Prince William Welcome Royal Baby.

Princess Kate has given birth to a healthy baby boy weighing 8 lbs 6 oz.
Prince William, the proud father, is at the hospital caring for Mom and the baby boy. Both Mom and baby are expected to spend the night at the hospital, before being released to go home.

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